Australian Arts and Crafts - Redgum Gallery - Olinda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The History of Redgum Gallery

Redgum Gallery originally opened its doors in Lilydale, sharing the premises with Redgum Restaurant. In 2010 Edna Bayer, the curator, purchased the gallery and continued to grow the business. Edna is passionate about art and helping local Australian artists showcase their work.

In mid 2011 Redgum Gallery moved to Olinda. With stunning scenery and the peaceful serenity that Olinda offers, it was the perfect place for the Gallery. Surrounded by Cafes and numerous other boutique shops, Redgum Gallery and Olinda are a fantastic destination to spend an afternoon relaxing.

Redgum Gallery is family operated and 100% Australian owned.

Red Gum Facts

River Red Gum is a type of Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus camaldulensis). It is an Australian native tree that grows in rivers throughout Australia.

Red gum is so named for its brilliant red wood, which can range from a light pink through to almost black, depending on the age and weathering. It is somewhat brittle and is often cross-grained, making hand working difficult.

Traditionally used in rot resistant applications like stumps, fence posts and sleepers, more recently it has been recognised in craft furniture for its spectacular deep red colour. It is a hard, dense wood, can take a fine polish and carves well. It is a popular timber for wood turners, particularly if old and well-seasoned.

Visit the Gallery today to experience the beauty of Red Gum!

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